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Advent Book Hunt

December 1, 2022 Shareholder Alex Price inspired to create our very own Advent Book Hunt with his poem titled Confessions of a Book Shop Owner. The poet wrote this after joining us for our birthday celebration. It tells the tale of a bookseller who gifts a book to a child who couldn’t afford to purchase it, telling him that it was a special book that when found became his. This poem influenced us to do something similar. Every day of December leading up until Christmas Eve, we hosted a daily Advent Book Hunt, where we hid a different children’s book in wrapping paper somewhere in the store. Whoever found the book of the day got to keep it! It was wonderful seeing the joy on the lucky winner’s faces when they found their new book. Local author Sue Curtis donated a copy of her picture book Turtle in a Tangle to be used as one of the prizes.

Confessions of a Bookseller by Alex Price

I gave away a book today

Although I meant to sell it

I saw a young boy pick it up

Caress the spine and smell it

He leafed through crisp white pages

He studied front and back

Emptied pockets to check his funds

(Or should I say the lack)

And when the disappointment

Knocked wonder from his eyes

I knew I had to let this boy

Possess his special prize

Stepping out to meet him

I said congratulations

You are the lucky customer

Who browsed our publications

For in this shop, a secret book

Was hidden on the shelves

And you're the one who picked it up

And chose it for themselves

So now, young man, the book is yours

For not a single penny

I only ask you spread the word

That books are here a plenty

Advent Book Hunt winners

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