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Connected Wheel Signing

October 22, 2022

Local Authors Gemma Margerison and Jennifer Lane met at our Local Author Convention in August. The two connected over their shared interest in health, well-being and spirituality.

Gemma and Jennifer reached out to us regarding a collaborative event in celebration of their books’ first birthdays. We hosted them on the 22nd of October to promote and discuss their self-help books, Connected and The Wheel in a joint "Connected Wheel Signing".

The authors had tables on the shop floor with copies of their books on display. Customers were able to browse their works, have discussions with them and purchase signed copies. We also held a Q&A with the pair at 1pm and again at 3pm, discussing the topics of mental health, spirituality and wellness. Gemma has since volunteered with us at The Book Stop and Jennifer has just released her latest book The Witch's Survival Guide, available for £12.99

Jennifer Lane and Gemma Margerison for a combined author signing
Jennifer Lane (The Wheel) Gemma Margerison (Connected)

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