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Local Author Convention

August 13 & 20, 2022

Since opening we have been approached by numerous local authors covering a range of genres. We decided that the best way to celebrate them would be with a Local Author Convention.

This was held across two Saturdays, dedicating our busiest day of the week to the event. Saturday 13th August highlighted non-fiction authors whilst the 20th focused on fiction.

We had morning and afternoon sessions where up to 6 authors had use of their own table on the shop floor to display and promote their books. Customers could browse the selection, talk to local authors about their books, purchase them and have them signed. This also doubled as a networking event, with authors being introduced and making connections with each other. Everyone agreed it was a really useful and rewarding day despite it being an absolute scorching hot weekend!

Local authors with their books for sale at The Book Stop
Our local authors showcasing their work at The Book Stop

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