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Robin Ince

Robin Ince visits us before we open!
Brian Leyland (Founder) Robin Ince, Laura Davis (Former Manager), Caitlin Lowe (Assistant Manager)

October 8th 2021

Our first ever event was an evening with author and comedian, Robin Ince. He is well-known as the comic relief to Professor Brian Cox’s scientific lectures. He visited St Helens on his promotional tour of The Importance of Being Interested, a book all about Robin’s adventures in scientific curiosity.

Considering The Book Stop was not even open yet, this event proved very successful. We were hosted by the wonderful Lucem House, St Helens’ community cinema, and tickets sold-out entirely! Robin’s routine is anything but formulaic, without an introduction he simply began speaking to the crowd about his book, his tour and everything else that popped into his head, which was a lot!

After Robin’s talk our Chairman, Brian Leyland, informed the crowd of the emergency exits in case of a fire, something he was not able to do before Robin began! You can read about this highlight on page 35 of Robin’s second book, Bibliomaniac, which chronicles this tour. We were delighted to see the crowd form an orderly queue in order to purchase copies of The Importance of Being Interested and have them signed. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy, helping us to sell-out! It was then time to thank Lucem House, clear up the empty cups of tea and ferry Robin over to St Helens Junction in time for his train to Manchester where he would visit some more independent bookshops and do it all again.

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