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On the 30th of November 2021, we hosted a festive 'Storybarn'. This was a children’s reading held by The Reader, a Liverpool-based literary charity. Although the shop was now open, we held this event out of the library due to concerns about the shop’s opening date at the time of planning. Rain Frog was our reader leader and she did a fabulous job getting all the little ones involved in the story! Sections of reading where interspersed with activities, games and sing-along’s, Rain Frog’s props helped children to visualise the story. At the end of the session, children where gifted a free book and encouraged to visit the shop. We continue to work closely with The Reader, St Helen’s Libraries and The World of Glass where the library is temporarily situated.

Storybarn event for The Book Stop at The World of Glass
Storybarn event at World of Glass

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