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Street Hunt 2022

July 9, 2022

Street Hunt Launch
Street Hunt launches at The Book Stop

In July we collaborated with local arts organisation, Heart of Glass, on a project called Street Hunt 2022. Together with Heart of Glass, poet, Joshua Sofaer produced a book containing photographs of different streets in St Helens. The street names were all blanked out with the aim for the reader to uncover them by exploring the town. Once all the street names had been found they would form a poem in the front of the book. Whoever discovered the poem first won!

We sold copies of the Street Hunt book on behalf of Heart of Glass at £6 each. This price covered the cost of production and added to the prize pot, so the more copies we sold, the more money could be won! Books were available for pre-order up until the competition was open and copies of the book could be collected in-store.

The hunt began on the 9th of July. We celebrated with Haydock Brass band, John Barnes the town crier and of course, Heart of Glass. Volunteers helped to sell copies of the book and distribute pre-orders. The day was a success and the prize was eventually won on the 28th of July by local couple, Kristian Ryder and Melissa French who walked away £1,560 richer!

Street Hunt Winners Kristian Ryder and Melissa French
Kristian Ryder and Melissa French winning the Street Hunt!

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