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Meet Me When My Heart Stops

What if your soulmate could only ever be the love of your afterlife? The first time Emery's heart stops, she is only five years old... Emery is born with a heart condition that means her heart could quite literally stop at any moment. The people around her know what to do - if they act quickly enough there will be no lasting damage, and Emery's heart can be restarted.

But when this happens, she is briefly technically dead. Each time Emery's heart stops, she meets Nick. His purpose is to help people adjust to the fact that they are dead, to help them say goodbye, before they move on entirely.

He does not usually meet people more than once - but with Emery, he is able to make a connection, and he finds himself drawn to her. As Emery's life progresses, and she goes through ups and downs, she finds that a part of her is longing for those moments when her heart will stop - so that she can see Nick again. This is the story of two fated lovers who long for each other, but are destined never to share more than a few fleeting moments - because if they were to be together, it would mean the end of Emery's life.

Signed copies of Becky Hunter's latest book are available in store and online.

Meet Me When My Heart Stops

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