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Strong Female Character

Winner of the 2024 Nero Book Awards Non Fiction. 'I tore through this hilarious, smart, sad, revealing book' - Bob Odenkirk 'Funny, sharp and has incredible clarity' - Jon Ronson'An absolute riot. I'm literally going to read it again once I've finished, and I'm a miserable's a belter' - FRANKIE BOYLE

A summary of my book:


1. I'm diagnosed with autism 20 years after telling a doctor I had it.

2. My terrible Catholic childhood: I hate my parents etc.


3.My friendship with an elderly man who runs the corner shop and is definitely not trying to groom me. I get groomed.




5. Stripping.

6. More stripping but with more nervous breakdowns.


7.I hate everyone at uni and live with a psycho etc.


8. REDACTED as too spicy.

9. After everyone tells me I don't look autistic, I try to cure my autism and get addicted to Xanax.


10.REDACTED as too embarrassing. 

Strong Female Character

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